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Canary in a Real Estate Cycle

Knowledge is Wealth!As mentioned in the above main article, so would be beforehand knowledge of the 4 Rates that can both create and moderate wealth. Read More


Knowledge is Wealth! So would be luxury homes on elastic rubber bands that actually fell in price in economic downturns (bust cycle) and snapped back upwards during economic upturns (boom cycles such as we are in now). After all, this is how the normal world works in free and fair markets. The same rules would also apply to almost all real estate EXCEPT luxury homes which is a market that seems to exist in a parallel universe encumbered with different laws of market physics. Read More

GREAT VALUE HAWAII LUXURY REAL ESTATE | Hawaii Loa Home & Harbor Court Penthouse | Sept 2018 by Damon Rhys

Welcome to the Fall 2018 edition of our Great Value Hawaii Luxury Real Estate where feature both Homes & Condos which we think offer especially great value for potential Buyers. Presently most of the luxury home and condo neighborhoods on Oahu are experiencing Buyers’ Markets. The first property we showcase is a Spanish-Mediterranean luxury home on Hawaii Loa Ridge at Moaniala Place. The second property showcased here is a Castle-in-the-Sky Penthouse unit in Downtown Honolulu's prestigious Harbor Court building situated right on Honolulu Harbor. Read More


In 2018 the housing market on Oahu continues to break median sales price records on a monthly basis with overall prices still increasing unabated compared to last year (June was the only anomaly) for both homes and condos - so far (the notable exception would be the luxury home market). However, from Feb thru Jul of 2018 (last 6 months) we have seen the actual numbers of sales for homes decrease - compared to the same month in 2017 - for 5 out of 6 months. Conversely, for condos during the same 6 month period we have seen an overall increase of sales compared to last year. This is partly due to some buyers being priced out of the home market and choosing a condo as the only viable alternative. Read More

How to Price a Penthouse?

Why is this such an enigmatically difficult thing to do? How does a Seller know he/she is not underselling or overselling at a wildly under/unattainable price? How does a Buyer know he/she is not simply overpaying? At the end of the day, it really has everything to do with statistics and the laws of supply and demand. Assuming freedom & transparency of information - when there is a large enough supply of something accompanied by an equally large demand of the same thing - the free market does a good job of equaliberlizing the supply-demand fair price. However, when something such as Penthouse are very few in number... Read More