Napali Haweo Luxury Homes on Oahu Hawaii

Napali Haweo  Area

The Napali Haweo Luxury Homes area, located in Hawaii Kai, means “Cliffs/Ridge of Distinction” and is the newest luxury home neighborhood on Oahu. It definitely lives up to its name. Some would call it the most well planned community, luxury or otherwise, on Oahu with beautifully landscaped wide streets and a well maintained community park. The HOA (homeowners association) is quite strict in its home construction, remodel and upkeep guidelines so as to maintain its pristine image.  Worries over your neighbors bringing down your property value is not a concern here. Simply abide by the HOA rules and this community affords comfortable and stress-free upscale living.

Most importantly for families, public schools in Hawaii Kai have implemented the IB (International Baccalaureate – See Best Schools on Oahu Blog) system and all but one have received accreditation (Koko Head elementary is in the process). This is the same system as many of the private schools in town where many of the Kahala residents send their children.  Overall luxury homes in this area and nearby Portlock cost less than Kahala and Hawaii Loa Ridge on a per square foot basis.  Combine this with convenient shopping and a nearly free and first rate school system – make these luxury home areas in Hawaii Kai a viable alternative to Kahala and Hawaii Loa.  On a final note, the drive time from Hawaii Kai to “town” is usually less than 30 mins.

Napali Haweo Luxury Homes – Market Update & Forecast 2019:

Napali Haweo currently has 14.5 months of inventory as of Q4 2018 and had 15.5 months as of Q2 2018 – slightly increasing but holding steady at extreme Buyers’ Market territory. The actual data and a CMA (comparative market analysis) for Napali Haweo can be found here. If you have ever been thinking of buying a home in Napali Haweo (or trading up from a median neighborhood) now would be a great time to do so. Higher inventories translate to more bargaining power for Buyers. Please contact us for details by simply calling or fill out the “Tell Me More About…” form below.

Napali Haweo Neighborhood Current Listings:

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