Maunalani Heights Semi-Luxury Homes on Oahu Hawaii

Maunalani Heights Semi-Luxury Home Neighborhood

Maunalani Heights Homes neighborhood is considered a semi-luxury neighborhood with some homes in the luxury home category ($1.9M or higher) whilst the majority are in the $1.1M to $1.9M range. The homes on this ridge and older neighborhood also boast some of the best and unique ocean, Diamond and Koko Head views. This neighborhood is very popular with working professionals since it is close to town providing a very short commute time while also affording fantastic views.

Maunalani Heights Semi-Luxury Home – Market Update & Forecast for 2019:

Maunalani Heights currently has 6 months of inventory as of Q4 2018 and had 5.5 months in Q2 2018 – slightly pushing this neighborhood from the “Goldilocks Zone” neutral market territory into a borderline mild Buyers’ market the latter of which is defined as having more than 6 months of inventory. What’s interesting though is if you eliminate all homes over $1.9M from the data (there are not that many) we get to 7.5 months of months of inventory firmly making it a mild Buyers’ Market. This means that not only is the $1.9M Plus Luxury Home market slowing down but also the Semi-Luxury ($1.9M and less) market. The actual data and a CMA for Maunalani Heights can be found here.  If you have ever been thinking of buying a home in the Semi-Luxury Maunalani Heights neighborhood (or trading up from a median neighborhood) now would be a great time to do so. Buyers’ Markets translate to more bargaining power for Buyers. Please contact us for details by simply calling us at 808-358-2331 or just fill out the “Tell Me More About…” form below. We will get back to you shortly.

Maunalani Heights Semi-Luxury Homes For Sale – Current Listings:

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