Diamond Head Luxury Homes on Oahu Hawaii

Diamond Head Area

The Diamond Head Luxury Homes area is next door to Kahala and is often included with Kahala when searching for a luxury homes in the overall Diamond Head area.  While Kahala is considered to be the most prestigious and well-known luxury home area, its smaller but more exclusive Diamond Head sister boasts of the most expensive homes on Oahu.  Where Kahala for the most part sits on the plains below Diamond Head itself, Diamond Head Luxury Homes sit on the footsteps of Diamond Head allowing many of these homes to also have gorgeous ocean views.  As with Kahala this neighborhood is also just a short commute to downtown Honolulu areas.  Furthermore, it is also within a short driving distance to many of the well-known private schools where many residents choose to send and educate their children.

Diamond Head Luxury Homes – Market Update & Forecast for 2019

Diamond Head currently has 18.5 months of inventory as of Q4 2018 and had 12.6 months as of Q2 2018 – inventory is increasing pushing this neighborhood into extreme Buyers’ Market territory for single family homes (for condos please see Gold Coast condo are page). The actual data and a CMA (comparative market analysis) for Diamond Head homes can be found here.  If you have ever been thinking of buying a home in Diamond Head (or trading up from a median neighborhood) now would be a great time to do so. Higher inventories translate to more bargaining power for Buyers. Please contact us for details by simply calling or fill out the “Tell Me More About…” form below.

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